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Nutrition coaching for women and men.

Nutrition Coaching Redefined.

Your goal. Your Focus. Your Lifestyle.

Build your foundation to total body wellness inside + out. Whether you’re a beginner to healthy living or an fitness aficionado looking to tweak your nutrition, Vita Coaching can help. We’ll help you determine what works best for you and your goal. Every individual is unique. This means each person needs something different. No cookie cutter programs here. Our nutrition coaching is about figuring out the perfect combination of what and how to eat for you — the key to unlocking your true potential.

3 Core Foundations

Your goal. Your lifestyle. Your nutrition coaching plan.

  • Nourish: How you eat is just as important as what you eat. Eating clean is important but your habits that surround how you eat are equally as important. Mindset, nutrition timing and preparation are just a few key ingredients to healthful eating for your goals.
  • Movement: Movement matters and it matters that it works for you and your goals. We’ll help assess your current fitness regimen (if needed) and make changes that suit your personal goals and the needs of your body.
  • Mindset: Restore body + mind with simple, easy to do mindset and stress reduction techniques that will ease tension and get you into a healthier mode.


Easy super shake recipes + meal prep
Chocolate Avocado Superfood Protein Shake
Grilled Spring Steak Salad

“Hi! After today’s meeting, I understand what you mean about being in a “diet” frame of mind. Since you had told me about that, I started to think of this as a new way of eating and moving, not just something temporary. I do not feel the urge right now to go back to old habits, because this one feels so much better!” – Jaime


Coach: Margot Rutigliano, Owner Vita Vie Retreat

Availability: Begin nutrition coaching anytime, anywhere (Hours of Operation 6am – 9pm EST)

How We Communicate: Email, Phone, Skype or FaceTime (your preference)

Sign Up: Click the sign up button below to get started. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll set your session time and complete the pre-assessment to get you started!

Pre-Assessment: An assessment worksheet will be emailed to you within 12 hours of signing up. Questions about your goals (short and/or long term), current eating habits, current and past health history, fitness regimen (current + past workouts/program) and stress reduction practices will be asked in order to assist your coach in understanding you, your goals and your expectations.

Session: When you purchase your nutrition coaching session, you’ll automatically be directed choose a time with your coach. Email, Phone, Skype of FaceTime with your coach for your initial session and to develop your plan. Your coach will be in touch once you sign up to communicate via your preferred method.


$75 Single Session
$50 Follow Up Session (can only be purchased once you’ve done a single session)
$180 Coaching Package – Single Session + 3 Follow Up Sessions + Unlimited Email Support (20% discount as a bundle) – Sign Up


“By intentionally biting off less than you can chew, you can achieve more than you thought possible. One change at a time.”

Dr. John Berardi, PhD

“Mindset is everything. Focus on what you DO want rather than what you DON’T want and all of a sudden your world has a completely different view. Do = action. Don’t = stuck.”

Margot Rutigliano