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Foundations to Fit - Vita Vie Retreat 6 Week Challenge


Real Coaching. Real Food. Real Results.

More than just a clean eating program or a fitness challenge, F2F is a structured program that will keep you consistent and ignite real change. 

  • What if you were 1% better today than you were yesterday?
  • What if you finally woke up with energy on a daily basis?
  • What if you could finally lose those last 10 lbs?

ENERGIZE. NOURISH. RESTORE. – Change more than just your body. Change your habits and your outlook with our strategic online program designed to be flexible for all lifestyles.



[slogan size=”small”]No gimmicks, no fake food, no counting every single calorie and NO DEPRIVATION (yes, that means you can have your wine in moderation too)![/slogan]





What good is information if we don’t do anything with it? We all know certain practices are bad for us but if we don’t take the information provided and use it for the better then what’s the point, right?

Learn and PRACTICE the habits and skills necessary to support your health, fitness + weight loss goals. Guidance from our certified coaches and expert trainers will help keep you accountable and fully supported. Plus, because our program is online, coach with us from anywhere in the world at any time!



Vita Coaching is a lifestyle program for weight loss, healthy lifestyle and fitness.





Discover what works for you and your unique body.

-> Program Is Facilitated via Email + Private Website
(You’ll also get access to our Vita Vie Healthy Habits Facebook group where we post recipes, workouts, tips and more!)

You’ll not only get the information you need – you’ll also receive coaching, guidance and support.

  • Weekly Habit – A Habit or Skill to Practice Related To Healthy Eating, Fitness and/or Stress Reduction
  • Daily Email – Tips + Lessons
  • Goal Setting – Learn to set REALISTIC goals for your challenge and beyond. You’ll also learn how to achieve your goals. Setting a goal is one thing, knowing how to get there is a whole different story.
  • All Levels – Our program is available for all nutrition + fitness levels. We’ll offer options for habits, skills and workouts for varied levels. You choose which level works for you!
  • Community – Our private website will facilitate weekly discussions which will give you the opportunity to interact and gain support from other participants. You’ll be able to share your favorite recipes, ask questions and more!
  • Support – We are here for you! Ask questions and get answers anytime from our certified nutrition coaches and expert trainers through email, our weekly discussions or text!
    -> Discounted private Phone + Skype coaching sessions also available for $25/15 Minute Session, $45/30 Minute Session.
  • F2F Journal – More Than “just a journal”. The printable F2F Journal is your window into your own foundation. You’ll use the information you provide in your journal (food, mood, energy, workouts, stress levels, body measurements) to determine what works and what doesn’t for YOU. Our coaches will guide you to understanding and processing your own information. The journal will be your guide for the challenge and well beyond.



foundations to fit - nourishing real food

Nourishment is the majority component for all health, fitness and wellness goals. It’s not just what you eat. It’s how you eat. Develop sound practices to support healthful, sustainable eating and proper nourishment.

Suitable for all eaters – meat eaters, vegetarian + vegan. We are nutrition neutral – which means that all of our nutrition information includes all types of eaters and our recipes vary to include all eating styles.

  • Jumpstart Eating Guide
  • All In One Clean Eating List + Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Individual Customization Tips and Guidance
  • Weekly Menus + Meal Planning Tips
  • Fresh Recipes, Cooking Videos + Snack Ideas



foundations to fit - online weight loss coaching program

Modifiable for all fitness levels.

Harder, faster, heavier isn’t always better. Our functional, dynamic approach to fitness covers all bases so that we create harmony within the body (while still burning those calories!).

  • Weekly Workouts – Mindful Movement to Include Cardiovascular Training, Strength Training + Appropriate Recovery
  • Fitness Tips



foundations to fit - restore

Small, simple and doable stress reduction practices and tips that can be incorporated into any lifestyle.

  • Simple Mediations + Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Relaxation Tips




Begins: April 17, 2017
Registration: Must register by January 13, 2017 in order to complete pre-program onboard.
Duration: 6 Week Program
Availability: Registration Is Currently Open (Spaces ARE limited to ensure proper coach/client ratios.)
Coaches: Margot Rutigliano Whatley, Owner Vita Vie Retreat

Cost: $120

F2F Registration: Sign Up

*Once you sign up, a confirmation email will be sent with your registration confirmation. You will then begin receiving our “F2F Prep” emails beginning January 13, 2017 . This way you can get prepared for success! The program will begin on January 16, 2017. Cancellations must be made before January 13, 2017. NO REFUNDS once the you have received the F2F Prep emails.