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Move Forward With Fitness Retreats
By: Andrea Blumenstein | January 2016

America boasts landscapes that have nurtured and inspired travelers for centuries. Staking claim to some of U.S.’s most beautiful coasts, mountains, and lakes, premier fitness destination resorts offer ways to get even the busiest of people back on track by offering breathtakingly majestic vistas, a taste of nature, and culinary uniqueness. These all-inclusive fitness destinations encourage the self-reflection and healthy goal setting that empowers and rejuvenates visitors, as well as teaching them the skills that contribute to long-term health and fitness success.

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10 Not-Boring Bachelorette Party Ideas
By: (repost from original article) | November 2015

Hotels across the country are now offering buff-up options for bachelorette parties like Vita Vie Retreat’s Bella Boot Camp that involve fun workouts, spa treatments, beach time and gourmet meals like a lemon-thyme roasted chicken wrap or a grilled shrimp salad with chick peas, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

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10 New Bachelorette Party Ideas
By: Amanda Black | November 2015

Instead of the typical booze-fest, plan a party that really reflects the bride’s interests. Here’s what’s hot.

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Travel To Change Your Life
By: Kristen Richard | November 2015

When prioritizing work over healthy living we can often slip into unhealthy patterns trying to keep up with hectic schedules. These unhealthy patters can be hard to break and eventually take a toll on our physical and mental health.

To break the unhealthy cycle or to learn how to work for the body that you want consider making your next vacation a fitness retreat. Here are some examples of places that offer participants a chance to work out, lose weight, and get back on track to healthier living.

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Find Your Fitcation Paradise
By: Devin Tomb

Instead of getting in killer shape FOR your vacation, why not do it ON vacation? A new breed of getaways is designed to send you home healthier and happier.

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Fit Spas In South Florida
By: Rebecca Garland | 2015
*Correction – Vita Vie Retreat is located at the Seagate Hotel & Spa in Delray Beach, FL.

Arizona has been a longtime breeding ground for fitness retreats and destination spas, but the state now has a new rival. With South Florida’s year-round warm weather, luxury accommodations and easy beach access, the region attracts men and women who want to get in shape. South Florida’s collection of fitness spas and retreats emphasize fitness, health, wellness and relaxation.Arizona has been a longtime breeding ground for fitness retreats and destination spas, but the state now has a new rival. With South Florida’s year-round warm weather, luxury accommodations and easy beach access, the region attracts men and women who want to get in shape. South Florida’s collection of fitness spas and retreats emphasize fitness, health, wellness and relaxation.

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Destination Fitness: Vita Vie Fitness and Lifestyle Retreat
By Brooke Chambers | June 2014

Imagine sticking your toes in the sand, shopping in adorable galleries and stores by the sea, eating delicious food and finding a healthy mind-body balance all at the same time. At Vita Vie Fitness and Lifestyle Retreat in Delray Beach, Fla. this, and much more, is all possible!

*discount no longer valid

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17 Dream Fitness Vacations
By Collette Stohler | February 2014

Sure, a lounge chair on a warm, tranquil beach has its allure, but fit people don’t often enjoy sitting still for an entire vacation. With that in mind we  scoured the globe to find some of the best active vacation destinations.  Whether you’re into running, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, CrossFit, horseback riding, golf, yoga or something that calls for a bit more adrenaline pumping through your veins, you’ll find dream vacation ideas on the following slides.

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The 17 Most Amazing Fitness Vacations
By Jordan Shakeshift | December 2012

When it’s time to escape the daily grind, why not opt for a fit, healthy adventure to really go that extra mile? From fitness-focused hotels and spa retreats to multi-level sports complexes of the sea, here are 17 activity-packed adventures to make this your fittest, healthiest, and happiest vacation yet.

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The New Bachelorette Party
By Amanda Black @The Knot | September 2012

For the Fitness Bride: A Wellness Retreat

Hotels across the country are now offering buff-up options for bachelorette parties like Vita Vie Retreat’s Bella Boot Camp ( that involve fun workouts, spa treatments, beach time and gourmet meals like a lemon-thyme roasted chicken wrap or a grilled shrimp salad with chick peas, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

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Fitness Retreats Offer Time Off At a Different Pace
March 2012

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12 Great Weight Loss Spas – From Boot Camps to Holistic Retreats
By Elizabeth Woodson | Winter 2012 Issue

Two More to Try

Housed at beachfront Marriott Delray Beach, VITA VIE RETREAT, subs in the shores of South Florida for the gym. Participants get busy om the beach with jogging sessions, aerobics, resistance training, crunches, Pilates and yoga — much of which is more effective for weight loss (running around on sand has been shown to burn more calories than jogging on a treadmill). Three-night programs from $1390.00 (double), all-inclusive.

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Checking Out of Life But Checking Into Yourself
By Frances Robles | November 30, 2011

“People don’t want to go home from vacation feeling worse than when they arrived, or feeling that they need a vacation from their vacation,” said Margot Rutigliano, founder of the Bella Boot Camp, a fitness retreat at the Marriott Hotel in Delray Beach. “The active fitness vacation is really gaining speed. It’s great for women and groups of women. We have a lot of couples do it together.”

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FitSpas in South Florida
By Rebecca Garland, Demand Media | June 2011

Arizona has been a longtime breeding ground for fitness retreats and destination spas, but the state now has a new rival. With South Florida’s year-round warm weather, luxury accommodations and easy beach access, the region attracts men and women who want to get in shape. South Florida’s collection of fitness spas and retreats emphasize fitness, health, wellness and relaxation.

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Exercise and Weight Loss Excursions
By Gabrielle Dion | May 2011

Vacationing can be a great way to relax and unwind, but it can also be a quick way to put on unwanted pounds. With more options available in the growing market of health-related excursions, from spas and boot camps to weight loss camps and outdoor adventures, many vacationers are eschewing the time-honored tradition of sipping pina coladas by the beach in exchange for a more active getaway.

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Departure to Vita Vie Retreat
By Martina Uhlirova | March 2011

Not every working vacation calls for a laptop and a constantly buzzing blackberry. Spend a few days at Vita Vie Retreat in Delray Beach, FL – and you’ll be returning home from this all-inclusive fitness resort empowered, rejuvenated and feeling a few pounds lighter.

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12 Revitalizing Winter Vacations
By Jamie Miles | January 2011

Beat the winter doldrums by escaping to warm and healthy. Here, 12 vacations you and your body will love.

Ten-hut, soldier! If you don’t mind getting bosses around than this boot camp-inspired retreat may be just the motivation you need. Guests can choose to work out either three or five hours a day in a variety of group activities, including beach walks, Zumba, yoga, cardio kickboxing, balance training, belly dancing and more. The goal of the program is to get out of the gym and into the outdoors by finding exercises you’ll want to keep doing upon returning home (from $1290 for a three night stay, three meals per day, all activities and a 50-minute spa treatment;

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Esape to a Boot Camp Retreat
October 2010 by Karen Asp

Boot camp workouts are hotter than ever — and for good reason. During a typical 40-minute boot camp workout, you can burn 400 calories on average, according to a study from the American Council on Exercise. Want to really challenge that body and maybe even shed a few pounds? Book your next vacation at a boot camp retreat, most of which include accommodations and super healthy meals. Here are four to put on your radar:

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By Stefani Jackenthal
June 2012

Vita Vie Retreat - Oxygen Magazine

Vita Vie Retreat – Oxygen Magazine

This isn’t going to be your average girls’ getaway. As you gather your BFF’s this summer and head for an action-packed boot camp on a beach in Florida, you can look forward to more than a tanned tummy – you’ll get a toned tummy too. This isn’t going to be a breezy day at the beach.

With hot weather and sun-backed sand as your backdrop, attending a Florida area boot camp is the perfect way to blast calories – at least 450!* per hour – and work your entire body. Take Bella Boot Camp in Delray Beach, Florida for example. The work begins at 9:00 a.m. with a beach walk that’s interspersed with intense intervals and followed by an hour long circuit – style muscle strengthening and sculpting session. Between the jump squats, cone drills, resistance-band moves and medicine ball tosses, you’ll hardly miss your morning cappuccino. And the afternoon sessions will get your fitness into gear too, with an hour-long cardio rope circuit that mixes 45- to 60-second intervals with 30 seconds of recovery doing scissor jumps, jumping rope, jogging in place and push-ups. You’ll definitely feel the burn!

“The south Florida sand is soft and deep, so it really works glutes and hamstrings. Just walking on it automatically engages your core, calves and quads while building balance, agility and endurance,” says Margot Rutigliano, a certified trainer who has been running Bella Boot Camp for the past five years. “It’s a way for women to have fun while being introduced to new fitness options and reinvigorating their current workout routines.”

With a variety of exercises, it’s tough to get bored. “Boot camp made me realize how I could mix up things when I got back to my daily life,” says Sowmya Kanikkannan, 29, a physician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who lost two pounds, gained an inch of muscle in her chest and lost an inch in her hips and thighs after attending boot camp for just one week. “I felt stronger all around, especially my biceps, triceps and deltoids – probably from all the push-ups!”
*Based on a 135 pound woman.



Mandisa of American Idol Gives Her Experience at Bella Boot Camp in Delray Beach
January 2010

Ok, ok…it wasn’t exactly fat camp but that’s how I jokingly referred to it among my friends. I’ll explain, but first, let me back up and give you a little history…
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Healthy Retreats
January 2010

Vita Vie Retreat - Boca Magazine

Vita Vie Retreat – Boca Magazine

Vita Vie Retreat – Bella Boot Camp

What Sets It Apart: Owner, Margot Rutigliano, a trainer and nutrition instructor who has gotten into this industry to maintain and control her own weight, teaches healthy habits. Most lose and average of 4 pounds 3.5 inches during the week. Offerings include cobblestone walking on cobblestone mats and takefumi, a Japanese method of walking on bamboo.

Programs: Nutrition; Pilates; cardio kickboxing; beach boot camp and more

What You Can Expect to Pay: About $2890 for 6 Nights (varies depending on the time of year)



10 Healthy Holidays Around the World
By Sara Hansen | November 2008

Vita Vie Retreat - After Hours Magazine

Vita Vie Retreat – After Hours Magazine

Health and fitness holidays now mean more than prune juice, mud packs and rowing machines. A yoga centre in the Himalayas, a survival school in Utah and a “boot camp” in south-west France are among those promising a whole new you

Body toning in Florida

If you’re after the perfect beach body but aren’t too sure about the back-to-basics methods of many fitness camps, give Bella Boot Camp a try. Based in the quiet surfing town of Pompano Beach, you’ll stay at the Ocean Sands Resort and Spa in a room fitted out with all mod cons. This doesn’t mean you’re not going to work hard, but at least you’ll know you’ve got a comfy bed at the end of it. And you’ll be glad, too. A typical day starts at 7am and includes an average of five and a half hours of workouts—from hikes on the beach, kickboxing, pilates, spinning and tribal dancing. If you upgrade to the spa package, you’ll receive a daily massage to ease away those aches and pains. Nutrition is also an important part of the programme. The food is simple, low-calorie and—if you believe what it says in literature-—-delicious. Prices for six nights start at £955 per person, double occupancy.



Exercise Indulgence on Spa Getaway
By Charlotte Sutton
May 2008

Kick! Kick! Kick! bellows our leader, thrusting her sneakered foot sideways and up to shoulder height, in time to the beat pulsing from an iPod. “Hands up! Protect your face! Visualize someone you want to hit!”

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Fat Loss Issue – 7 Best Fat Blasting Resorts
January 2008

Vita Vie Retreat - Oxygen's Fat Loss Magazine

Vita Vie Retreat – Oxygen’s Fat Loss Magazine

Vacations don’t have to mean greasy buffets and endless games of shuffleboard. Fitness resorts offer a place where you can sweat and play so you’ll leaved feeling relaxed and healthy – and likely a few pounds lighter. Here are seven of America’s finest, from the most budget friendly to celebrity posh.

A high energy, get your butt in shape retreat, the bella boot camp is a great way for new exercisers or those looking for extra motivation to work out in a spectacular beach setting. The program is limited to 10 participants, offering a bouncing group atmosphere with ample time for individual attention from experienced, certified trainers with post rehab backgrounds who place priority on safety and proper form. All equipment is provided including environmental water bottles and essential oil towelettes for quick clean ups.



By Julie Keller

Vita Vie Retreat - American Spa Magazine

Vita Vie Retreat – American Spa Magazine

Female fitness aficionados and couch potatoes alike are getting whipped into shape this summer with the new Bella Boot Camp, an idyllic oasis known for it’s health inspired vacations. The all inclusive six-day session costs $1975 (double occupancy) and focuses on adventures in health and fitness, featuring interactive cooking classes, healthy dining options, seminars on nutrition and stress reduction, and intensive exercise classes ranging from cardio kickboxing and boot camp sessions to yoga, Pilates, and more.



No Bikini Necessary
August 2006

Bella Vita Retreat is picking up the pace and losing inches on the Pacific Coast of Mexico with their exclusive Bella Weight Loss Retreats. Guests can now experience the hard hitting, high energy, custom designed Bella Weight Loss Retreats in San Pancho, Mexico.

With an average weight loss of 5lbs in the first week of training, guests are sure to experience smaller waist lines and big pleasures from this results producing retreat. With locations at hotels in Palm Beach, FL, and Santa Barbara, CA, the retreat in San Pancho is the perfect destination addition with a mixture of Mexican and Mediterranean flair.

These retreats are focused on producing results for the guests. “We don’t let anyone get out of here without a smile on their face,” Margot says. They are specifically designed for each individual guest and all sessions are held with a nationally certified and experienced personal trainer or nutritionist.

Daily schedules are packed with fitness and wellness and a wide variety of active sessions including personal training, martial cardio blast (a combination of cardio with martial arts influence and Pilates), core conditioning, yoga, “best abs ever,” nutrition, stress reduction, massage, body treatments, skin care and more.

Margot Rutigliano, founder of Bella Vita Retreat, decided it was time to offer something new and different for the guests. Partnering with this property in Mexico allows guests to enjoy a serene environment filled with fitness and wellness along with the amenities of a small resort. An amazing setting for motivation, working out will be easy with a backdrop of the ocean and a private beach. “This is the perfect way to renew your body, refresh your mind and not think about anything else but yourself and your goal,” says Rutigliano.

Although Bella Vita Retreat’s programs are focused on fitness, the retreat is about getting in shape and developing lifelong patterns to stay in shape and treating your body right. All guests will be provided an 8 week nutrition and fitness program to help reach their health and weight loss goals. Guests should definitely be ready to sweat, but exercise isn’t all that is included in the daily schedule.

Massages and stress reduction sessions are provided in ample amounts to help reduce daily stress and ease aches and pains. Rejuvenation is one of the most important steps to Bella Vita Retreat’s 5 Step Program. Clients will dine on ultra healthy fare prepared by a chef on the property. Spa treatments are delivered to the guest’s rooms, poolside or directly on the beach.

The retreat has 4 two bedroom casitas with Mexican influenced interiors, soft linens and pillows and plush towels. Rooms are single and have a queen bed with a high powered, high speed fan that drops down over the bed for extra cooling. Each casita has one full bathroom and common area with a full kitchen. A large pool with lounge chairs as well as hammocks, picnic tables and professional grills are located on the property.

With the ocean only steps away, the breezes are endless and satisfying after a hard day of working out. In addition, other activities are available including snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing, wind surfing, surfing and more. The location is approximately 30 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta airport. Taxis and vans are available at an additional fee for travel to and from the resort.