What To Pack For Your Fitness Vacation

What To Pack For Your Fitness Vacation

Will you be joining us for a fitness vacation or thinking about signing up? Worried about what to pack? Between workout clothes, leisure clothes, outdoor actives and toiletries, you won’t want to leave anything at home. Don’t worry! We have the perfect guide listing everything you need for your fitness vacation here.

Suggested Packing List

What to bring to your fitness vacation! Joining us for Vita Boot Camp or a Private Fitness Retreat? Start here with what to pack:

Workout Clothes – Go for comfort! We suggest bringing your favorite items that are the most comfortable for you. Keep in mind, you’ll be working out in a warm weather environment. Workout wear that is light, breathable is best. Wicking or sweat repelling fabrics seem to work out best for most people but it’s really your preference that is best. You’ll need a few outfits per day (depending on how much you sweat or like to change) plus socks and undergarments. During the winter light pants or shorts with a short sleeve shirt and/or light jacket (just in case) are appropriate. Our summer months are considerably warmer (we tend to be outside during the early morning only) so shorts and sleeveless or short sleeve tops are perfect. Hats are also a great idea.

Shoes – Some of our classes/private sessions are on the beach. It’s important to know that you may want a pair of shoes for indoor workouts and a pair of shoes for outdoor workouts. This is not required but suggested if you’re picky about sand in your shoes. A slightly older pair of shoes is perfect for the beach while you’re newer shoes would be optimal for indoor workouts.

Leisure Wear – The resort offers a mix of casual and dressy causal depending on which restaurant you’re in, at the pool or the spa. Generally, you’ll see a mix of all types of resort wear. We suggest casual to dressy causal at most for meals. Pool attire is very causal as well as the spa. Please wear what makes you comfortable and happy. Bathing suits are not required. They are optional for leisure swimming only.

Medications – Please don’t forget any medications that you take on a daily basis. Inhalers for asthma are required to accompany you to all classes. 

Toiletries – The resort does provide standard toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, bath soap and mouthwash but don’t forget your favorite items. In addition to the standard items, sunscreen, bandaids (just in case) and muscle cream are also great additions.

Bag – A light bag that you can drape over your shoulders would be perfect to take with you during outdoor activities. Bags that you have to carry in your hands tend to be too cumbersome to carry so keep in mind that it might be better to get something that is easy to swing over your shoulders.

Eye Wear – We highly recommend sunglasses as the sun is pretty strong down here. Not only is protective eyewear important but so is any normal daily eyewear. Additional contact lenses, glasses and cleaners should be brought with you.

Books or Magazines – We suggest turning off electronics at least 2 hours prior to bed in order to help with sleep and total relaxation. Your retreat is the perfect time to catch up on all of those books you’ve been wanting to read. Not only are books and magazines great before bed but also a great way so spend time out at the pool or any time between classes.




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