Protein Breakfast Parfait

Protein Breakfast Parfait

Easy, balanced breakfasts are sometimes hard to come by. I know if you’re like me and my family, we need things that can be eaten easily without a lot of preparation in the morning. Or we need an option when we’re running out the door and need something that can be a quick grab and go breakfast. These protein breakfast parfaits are perfect for busy mornings and they can also be enjoyed slowly even if you aren’t in a rush.

I’ve shared a few of my favorite flavor combinations below as well as some additional options of how to build your own. The combinations are endless and your favorite ingredients will make your breakfast parfait your own.

Protein breakfast parfaits are a great way to get in a balanced breakfast.


Build Your Protein Breakfast Parfait

The key to building your protein breakfast parfait is to make sure that you have a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat. It’s really easy to load up parfaits, shakes and smoothies with a lot of fruit which adds a ton of sugar. Here’s the ratio I use when building protein breakfast parfaits:

Protein: 1 scoop protein powder of your choice (about 15 – 30g of protein) mixed with 1/2 c greek yogurt

Carbohydrates: 3/4 c fruit -or- 1/2 c fruit + 1/4 c granola (naturally sweetened or unsweetened)

Fat: 1 T nuts and/or seeds


Protein Breakfast Parfait Ingredients

Protein Breakfast Parfait - a healthy breakfast option

Tripple Berry Protein Breakfast Parfait

1/2 C Greek Yogurt

1 Scoop Grass-fed Whey Protein (vanilla)

1/4 C Strawberries

1/4 C Blueberries

1/8 C Sunflower Seed Mix (sunflower seeds, dried cranberries + dried coconut flakes)

1/2 T Raw Almonds

1/2 T Pumpkin Seeds

Layer mixture of yogurt/protein with berries and nuts seeds. Store in refrigerator overnight in glass containers or easy grab and go cup if you need to take it with you in the morning.


Protein Breakfast Parfait Options

There are so many options and ways to create your favorite combination but here are a few ideas:

Protein: Change up the type of protein. Try egg, hemp or a mixed plant based protein source.

Carbohydrates: Try your favorite types of fruit. Frozen fruit works well too. In addition, cooked or uncooked oats, dried breakfast cereals (without too much sugar) and mild vegetables (yes – vegetables) like carrot, squash or zucchini are good additions. Dried berries like goji berries are also a great superfood boost to the carbohydrate content.

Fat: Nut oils can be used instead of actual nuts. MCT oil is a fantastic option to increase nutrient value. Avocados make for a mild tasting source of fat and have many health benefits.

Superfoods: Boost your parfait with superfoods like Acai powder, Cacao power or Cacao nibs, Maca powder and Superfruit Powder. These would all be a “freebie” when added into your parfait. Mix with yogurt/protein or sprinkle as you go.

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