25 Ways To Eat Well On The Go

25 Ways To Eat Well On The Go

Article Preface By: Margot Rutigliano, Pn1

We all know we’re living in a time starved world. Health and fitness goals often take a back seat but they don’t have to. With a little planning and preparation, eating healthy on the go is extremely doable. Here are a few of my tips followed by the full article and great infographic:

  1. Map out a plan. You know you’ll be traveling or running around all day, so what grab and go snacks and meals can be brought with you?
  2. Stay hydrated (with water). Bring water with you or at least a refillable water bottle so you can stay hydrated.
  3. Don’t want to bring food with you? No problem. Focus on balance and portion control. Wherever you choose to eat, try to balance out your meals/snacks with a carbohydrate, protein, fat and vegetable. No, this might not always be doable but do the best you can.
  4. Stay away from trigger foods. If you know that burgers and fries are too hard for you to stay from then you might want to seek a restaurant that isn’t burger focused. If you know that you won’t be able to make a healthier choice a xyz restaurant then you might want to find an alternative. Perfect isn’t the goal here but making the best choice available is a great place to start.
  5. Modify when necessary. You might need to make some special requests (within reason) to form your healthy choice. If a burger is all that is available and you want it served without a bun, ask if that’s an option. If you’d prefer a side salad rather than rice or potatoes, as if that can be arranged. You can’t rearrange the entire menu but you can see what types of substitutions can be made.


Article By: Dr. John Berardi

Source: https://www.precisionnutrition.com/eat-well-on-the-go-infographic

Traveling for work? Going on vacation? Running your kids from soccer game to violin practice? Being away from home is one of the most common nutrition challenges I hear about. So I asked Precision Nutrition’s coaches for the tips and tricks they use to help clients eat well on the go. Below, 25 ways to stick to your plan, no matter where life takes you.


The ideal:
You sit at the dining table and calmly, slowly, peacefully enjoy your food.

What really happens:
You lose track of time while finishing up one last work email, forget to eat, and then rush out the door to pick your son up from school so you can take him to rugby and then drive your daughter home after swim practice.

Somewhere in between:
A half-eaten KIND bar, a Granny Smith apple, and some cashews.

The truth is, life isn’t ideal for anyone. But you still have to eat. And you’re allowed to prioritize healthy eating even if you’re extremely busy.

Indeed, there are strategies for eating well even when you’re busy. And, in this infographic, I’ll share 25 awesome ones that’ll help you stick to your plan, no matter where life takes you.

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