5 Containers That Make Portion Control Super Easy

5 Portion Control Containers That Meals Super Easy

One of the biggest factors in improving health and losing weight is your relationship with food. In particular, the amount of food and the relationship between energy in vs. energy out is extremely important. Unfortunately, in today’s world, everything is magnified, super sized and plumped up. It’s no wonder that so many people are walking around over weight, feeling energy less and ready to make a change!

Because food is the most important factor in your quest for a healthier body (and mind), it’s important to focus not only on what you eat but also how you eat. Using portion control for the amount of energy you take in is the first step. To help you with that, we’ve got a few options below that will help you measure out your meals without a big fuss. Whether you’re on the go and you need a portion control container or you’re at home and need help with your plate, we’ve got the tools for you.


Portion control containers for weight loss

Precise Portion Control Meal Plates

How It Works: BPA free healthy travel plates keep your food portions precise even when you’re on the go. Portioned food stays secure with sectioned travel plates come and seal-able lids.

Dietitian-Designed: Precise Portions plates are designed by registered dietitians using current USDA nutritional guidelines in order to provide accurate food portioning and help you reduce overeating, and control your weight.

Approximately: $20 (set of 2)

Get Them Here: Precise Portions Meal Plates



portion control container

Leak Proof Meal Box w/Insulated Case

Need a way to control your portion sizes? This BPA free container is the perfect way to portion out your meals and includes a leak proof lid as well as a matching insulated bag. Take this one anywhere with you to keep food cool or hot. Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Aproximately: $23

Get It Here: Modetro Meal Box



Portion control containers for weight loss.

Meal Measure 

Meal measure is a wonderful tool to place on top of your plate for portion control. Easily portion out your protein, vegetables, fruit and starch with marked sections. Fits most dinner plates.

Approximately: $9

Get It Here: Meal Measure



easy BPA free portion control containers

Bento Lunch Boxes (BPA Free)

Bento lunch boxes make food easy to pack and go. They are a fantastic way to portion out foods and tote to work or store in your refrigerator. Made of eco friendly food grade material, they are BPA free, free of chemicals and are microwave and freezer safe. Food stays divided but NOT LEAK-PROOF in the 3 compartment food containers.

Approximately: $11/pack of 10

Get Them Here: Bento Lunch Boxes




7 piece portion control containers7 Piece Portion Control Container Set

This 7-piece system allows you to maintain better portion control for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Pre Measured Containers: Our Color Coded meal prep containers are BPA FREE, pre-measured based on the amount of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, proteins and carbs you need each day. Simply match your color to your food plan for ideal portion control sizes.

Approximately: $10

Get It Here: 7 Piece Portion Control Container Set



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